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Out of the Cave

A bike that fits! In more ways than one.


Gearing Up!

March is here and while the temperatures fall back into the 50s I’m quickly reminded of how little time I have until I head north to Alaska. Last June the trip start was one year out, at Thanksgiving six months. Measuring time in half year increments doesn’t always arouse immediacy. With only three months to go, loose ends hang, deadlines loom and anxiety builds!

It’s time to kick it into gear.

Here’s a glimpse of my recent tinkering(s?):

Ready for Liftoff!

Scott Felter, master creator at The Porcelain Rocket, went beyond the call of capitalism to help me design my custom framepack, along with a handlebar pack and bag and a top tube pack.

Here's a close-up of the handlebar pack separated from the bag, which attaches directly to the handlebar. The design is super functional: with a dual-entry dry bag style closure, the bag will hold a tent, thermarest and whatever else will stuff to the width of the bars; the pack is modular, it connects with velcro attachment points as well as buckles that keep the entire load secure; the pack sits on top and is accessible while riding and will hold most of my electronics.

Framepacks are great for stowing heavier objects like tools, cookware and water, allowing me to keep my center of gravity low and between the wheels while keeping weight off the rear rack and tire. A handy addition, the top tube pack promises to keep snacks at the ready and provide a cozy nest for the iPod.

I can’t thank Scott enough for the patience in hammering out the minute details and exchanging countless emails in an effort to get me a framepack that will serve me well. If you’re interested in his work check him out at: theporcelainrocket.wordpress.com

With one piece of the puzzle in place, I still have plenty to work on over the next three months. Gearing up for a long trip can be an adventure in itself. This is one adventure I’d like to keep in the¬†Type 1 Fun¬†range–as best I can.

Rohloff build soon to come...

So far, so good!